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Sand or Pressure Wash Before Staining Or Painting?

From your home’s siding to your deck or fence, applying a fresh coat of paint or stain is a process you only want to do once.  Understanding the correct preparation is key to doing it right the first time.

Preparation is vitally important.  Without proper preparation of the surface, the new paint or stain will not look good, adhere for as long as you’d like, and may lead to damage down the road.

While both sanding and pressure washing can prepare a surface, sanding is a much more destructive process and a lot messier.  Sanding can easily harm your surface by over sanding an area, damaging the material with accidental movement and if done several times over the years you may have to replace pieces more often.

Pressure washing is a much gentler process. Utilizing proper water pressure and special detergents, contaminants on the material are removed without flaking, cracking, or damage to the surface you are preparing.  Additionally, pressure washing is a faster process that is less messy.  In less than half the time it would take you to sand the surface, a professional can wash the surface and have it ready for the next step.

Check Out This Deck!

Professionally cleaned by Still Waters Power Washing and it was ready to be stained. 

Beautiful result thanks to the pros at KeyStone Painting.

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