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Still Waters Power Washing uses concrete cleaning to bring out the best in your property, from the front door to the curbside.

Dirty Concrete: Our Problem, Not Yours!

There are few things that scream curb appeal less than oil stains and bubble gum. Unfortunately, concrete seems to be a magnet for these sorts of eyesores. If your property is among those who are suffering from dirty driveways and sidewalks, Still Waters Power Washing can help.

We specialize in complete concrete cleaning services that restore the appearance and functionality of your asphalt. Our solutions cover:

Driveway Cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning

Walkway Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Pool Surrounds


Our pressure washing system removes stains, buildup, and other imperfections that don’t belong on your concrete. We use specialized equipment combined with our soft wash technique and detergents to achieve a deeper clean and kill algae. With cutting edge equipment and cleaning chemicals, there’s no such thing as a surface that’s too dirty for us to transform.

Still Waters Power Washing gives you the look and feel of brand new concrete — without you having to tackle the costly undertaking of replacing your hardscapes. Our pressure washing service offers benefits such as:

  • Spotless concrete that improves your property’s curb appeal
  • Long-lasting concrete that won’t crack or erode as quickly
  • Safer concrete that won’t expose people to the risk of slips from slick buildup
  • Environmentally-friendly concrete that won’t leak nasty buildup into groundwater

Our Concrete Cleaning Gets Results!

We specialize in revitalizing your property, and we start where the traffic starts. Get the most out of your driveways and walkways with a concrete cleaning service from Still Waters Power Washing!

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