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Still Waters Power Washing brings better house washing solutions to your property. Our secret weapon? Soft washing.


Soft Washing: The Homeowner’s Choice

We have straightforward goals: To make your home look beautiful. A soft wash service is the only way to truly clean your exterior without exposing it to the risk of damage.

Our equipment distributes water and special detergents to your home’s exterior, which removes eyesores such as mold, algae, dirt daubers, spider webs and other stains. It achieves all of this using the water pressure that you would get from a garden hose, and the gentle pressure means that you don’t have to deal with cracked siding, water damage, and destroyed landscaping.

Don’t let the name fool you: Soft washing yields powerful results, but it doesn’t come with the same risks that come from classic pressure washing.

After the Still Waters Power Washing team has accomplished a house washing service, customers commonly remark that their home has:

Curb appeal that elevates their entire property

Exceptional quality that makes an exterior look like new

Siding that is ready to last for longer

Oftentimes, customers realize they don’t need a new paint job after all!

A Soft Wash Solution For Every Home

Modern or historic, vinyl siding or stucco – we take care of it all! Our equipment is designed to address all exterior surfaces. No matter what your home looks like, we strive to deliver algae-free, stain-free, and blemish-free results!

Don’t Forget About Gutter Cleaning!

You want your gutters to be ready to protect your home in any kind of weather. Our team removes buildup and clears clogs to keep the gutter system functional. We also wash the exterior gutters to give your home that extra jolt of curb appeal.

Let Still Waters Power Washing give your home a leg up. Get in touch today for your house washing and gutter cleaning solutions!

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