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Still Waters Power Washing helps your commercial property kick off that first impression on a high note. Your secret weapon to curb appeal: Clean concrete.

The Potential of Spotless Concrete

You excel in customer service, and your business model stands above the competition. But your customers won’t appreciate any of this if they can’t get past your property’s first impression. Our concrete cleaning services solidify the curb appeal you need to stand out.

The porous nature of concrete attracts eyesores big and small. It’s the type of surface that wears every imperfection on its sleeve. From sticky chewing gum to dark vehicle stains, our team is equipped to tackle it all. We use concrete cleaning to meet your property’s needs including:

Driveway Cleaning

Parking lot cleaning

Parking garage cleaning

Drive thru cleaning

Sidewalk cleaning

And beyond!

Every property is unique, and our pressure washing services are here to address all of the concrete surfaces that make yours stand out. Whether you’re engaged in our regular maintenance plan or require a serious deep clean, Still Waters Power Washing is here for you.

It’s all in our name: Still Waters Power Washing uses power washing to bring our customers the best concrete cleaning results. We a specialized soft wash technique along with special surfactants and degreasers to restore your concrete. After a pressure washing service, you can expect:


  • Complete stain and buildup removal
    That includes oil, chewing gum, battery stains, and everything in between
  • Long-lasting curb appeal
    Your positive first impression will stand out wherever customers look
  • Safety and code compliance
    We help your property adhere to safety regulations and remove the risk of slip and fall accidents

Create an exceptional customer experience for your clientele… And start with clean concrete.

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