Commercial Services

What does a successful business look like to you? Whether you provide customers with dining services, banking solutions, education, or otherwise, Still Waters Power Washing is here to make your commercial property shine.

We provide one convenient location for you to get the best in property solutions. No matter what your service requirements, you’ll always get:

  • Exceptional Results
    We keep this one simple: After our service, your business will look like new.
  • Expert Service
    Comprehensive training, ongoing professional development, industry-approved equipment, and proven-effective degreasers and cleaners: Our team comes to your property with all of the tools for a successful service.
  • Safe, Professional Solutions
    We take safety seriously – for the sake of your property and our technicians. Still Waters is fully insured to provide extra peace of mind throughout our service.
  • Flexibility
    You have a commercial property to operate, and our service shouldn’t interrupt with your enterprise. We get results without disrupting your business.

You can trust Still Waters Power Washing to provide exceptional service with:


  • Building Washing
    Our soft washing system removes stains and imperfections so your building looks like new. With expert buildup removal, we help your business stand out as a professional space.
  • Concrete Cleaning
    We strip your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, drive-thru, and more of eyesores. Our goal is to help you create a property that is safe and welcoming. With chewing gum removal, stain removal, and more, we make your property a symbol of curb appeal.
  • Dumpster Pad and Loading Dock Cleaning
    Whether you’re processing inventory or throwing out the trash, we keep your property sanitary and professional. Stain, odor, and buildup removal is all integrated into our pressure washing program to make every part of your business beautiful.

It’s time to get to business. Still Waters Power Washing is here to bring the best in pressure washing and soft washing for your commercial property!

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