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Deck After Power Washing and Staining

Wood Deck Maintenance Tips

Your deck is exposed to the elements all year round.  Here in Houston, that includes wild weather from rain, hail, cold and extreme heat.  Routine upkeep will help protect your deck and prevent expensive repairs.

Wash the Deck

Unwashed decks allow mold and mildew to take hold which can cause rot. Allowing this to occur means you will have to undertake repairs and/or replacement of wood which is not only time consuming, but can be expensive.

Here at Still Waters Power Washing, we have special equipment and detergents to remove contaminants from your deck while preventing damage to the surfaces.

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Deck Washing Process & Tips

  1. Remove All Furniture and Sweep Off The Deck

It will make your life much easier if you first remove any grills, tables, chairs, and other items from your deck. Once cleared, sweep it to remove any branches, leaves, and rocks to prevent damage to nearby surfaces.

  1. Clean Between Deck Boards

Using a putty knife, clean between deck boards to remove any stuck rocks, dirt, branches, or other materials.  Cleaning these crevices first will ensure water drains properly and prevents damage to deck boards and cross joints.

  1. Protect Landscaping

Thoroughly water nearby plants and grass will help protect them from any detergents being used.  As an added layer of protection, you can cover them with plastic sheeting to prevent splashing them with potentially damaging chemicals.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Detergent.

Do not just use any standard household detergent to clean your deck.  You will want to use specially formulated products for your wood deck surface.  The product you select will be dependent on whether your deck is painted, stained, or sealed.  Make sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully.

Here at Still Waters Power Washing we have years of experience and industrial detergents for each type of application needed.  Give us a call if you would like a professional touch on your wood deck cleaning.

  1. Get To Cleaning

Generally best done on a cloudy or cooler day, you want the deck surface to be cool to avoid the detergent from evaporating during the cleaning process.

Applying the detergent can be done in various ways.  Much depends on the detergent you use and how dirty your deck surface is.  Generally you can use a paint roller, a garden sprayer, or a stiff brush to apply the detergent.

Some Cleaning Process Tips
A. Don’t let the detergent pool.
B. Don’t let the deck dry until you’ve scrubbed it clean and rinsed the detergent off.
C.  Only let detergents soak according to the instructions. Rinse thoroughly with clean cool water.

6. Allow Proper Drying Time

It is no surprise that wood is absorbent which is how it became so dirty in the first place.  It can take up to 2 days for cleaned wood to thoroughly dry.  Avoid putting furniture and grills back until it has had a chance to properly dry if you do not intend to add a protective coating.  If you want to protect your deck however, you will want to consider staining, painting, or sealing it to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Interested in staining, painting or sealing your deck?  Still Waters Power Washing can help with this as well!  Give Steve a call 832-535-0125

Added Protection: Seal the Deck

Wood deck sealers, stains, and paints can be found at home improvement and local hardware or paint stores.

Depending on your desires, you can keep the color of your wood with a clear sealer, change the color with a stain while still maintaining the natural grain of the wood, or use a paint that covers the wood completely.

Clear sealers generally should be re-applied yearly while stains and paints will need to be redone as needed when they begin to wear out, flake, or peel.

Before doing this process yourself, ensure you fully read and understand the instructions that accompany the product you have chosen. Make sure to use proper protective gear such as masks, eye protection, and gloves.

Alternatively, you can leave this to a professional to ensure you get the results you desire. For more information call Steve at Still Waters Power Washing 832-535-0125.


Deck Protection Process

  1. Watch the Weather

You will need a 2 day period with clear skies and moderate temperatures.

  1. Prepare the Surface

You may need to lightly sand the wood to ensure the chosen product adheres well.  A professional power washing company like Still Waters Power Washing can prepare your surface, generally without the need for sanding.

  1. Watch Out For Nails

You will want to clean up any nails that may have come loose and are sticking out.  These are not only a safety hazard but also are important to be properly secure and keep the deck boards in place.  You also don’t need loose screws and nails ruining your brushes, sponges, and application tools.


  1. Apply the Sealer, Stain or Paint.

Follow the instructions by using a roller or sealer to apply the sealer to the deck. Remember less is more.  You want an even coat and don’t want to create puddles or uneven application.  Generally, it is best to apply two coats to ensure clean and even coverage.


There are many factors to think about when it comes to cleaning and protecting your deck and it can feel overwhelming. If you would like a professional to take care of this and get the results you want, give Steve with Still Waters Power Washing a call at 832-535-0125

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