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Benefits Of Soft Washing


Whether it is your home or business, buildings and property can take advantage of the many benefits of a Soft Wash.

#1 – Soft Washing Prevents Damage

Beyond unsightly stains, algae and mildew combined with dirt can cause serious damage to the exterior of your home or business.  These contaminants feed on the surfaces of your home or business, help degrade the finish, and can cause crevices and cracks to appear.  Add to the fact that we live in Texas, the extreme sun and heat can wear on the these materials and can compound the damage caused by the contaminants mentioned above.

#2 – Increases Curb Appeal

Trying to sell your home?  Running a business out of your building?  Making sure your property is clean and in tip-top shape is important no matter the reason.  From increasing curb appeal to attract buyers, to being a welcoming sight to consumers, people will be more at ease and want to look at your property if it is clean and well maintained.

#3 – Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

In the long run, it is always cheaper to perform routine maintenance than it is to replace damaged materials.  Consider your roof.  It is estimated that the mold and algae that grows on roofs in humid environments like Rosenberg, Fulshear, Richmond and Katy, can reduce the life expectancy of your roof by up to 10 years if not properly cleaned on a regular basis.  10 Years is a lot of years to lose on a roof.  Protect your investment and keep your property clean.

#4 – Prepare Your Home for Projects

Want to paint your home or attach new materials to your exterior?  Trying to do these things to a dirty surface can seem futile.  The new material or paint won’t adhere and will quickly peel away from the surface.  Soft washing the surface ahead of time will make it much easier and require less effort.

#5 – Healthier Environments

Contaminants on the outside of your home and roof got there somehow right?  Typically and most often they are airborne.  From allergic reactions to more serious asthma reactions, algae spores are nothing to play with.  Never give them a chance to grow and keep the exterior of your property properly cleaned.

#6 – Property Value

Not only does leaving the exterior of your property dirty lead to damage that can lead to costly repairs, doing so also lowers the value of your property and those around you.  It has been observed in the real estate industry that seasonal soft washing protects and increases your property value and those values in your neighborhood.


Conclusion –

Soft Washing is a very affordable service that will protect the investment you have made in your home or business.  Allow the professionals at Still Waters Power Washing to use our experience, knowledge, and professional equipment to keep your property well maintained.  Providing professional Soft Washing services to Fulshear, Rosenberg, Richmond, Sugar Land, and Katy since 2014.


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